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  • Millions of people perform physical exercises and sports. These people have specific medical needs. To cater these people a branch of medicine known as Sports Medicine evolved. Sports medicine includes injury prevention ,treatment and rehabilitation of injuries ,Nutrition and psychology, management of medical problems among players, exercise prescription during chronic diseases Anti Doping activities and management of special populations. Sports medicine team consist of several categories like orthopedic surgeon, dietician, trainers, physiotherapist and coach. Normally this team is lead by Sports Physician.

  • Important Topics in Sports Medicine


    Injury Prevention Tips


    bullet Follow Regular Medical and Physical fitness tests.
    bullet Follow proper warm up , warm down and stretching schedules.
    bullet Practice your game according to good schedules .
    bullet Use protective equipments during training and competitions.
    bullet Always use suitable shoes/spikes.
    bullet Maintain healthy Nutrition according to the sport.
    bullet Adequate rest is important.
    bullet Avoid extreme Heat and Cold Temperatures.

  • RICE Treatment


    R.I.C.E (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation)


    bullet Rest: Reduce or stop using the injured area of the body for 48-72 hours. If you have a leg injury,    you may need to stay off of it completely.
    bullet Ice: Put an ice pack on the injured area for 10-15 minutes at a time, 4 to 8 times per day.Use a    cold pack, ice bag, or a plastic bag filled with crushed ice that has been wrapped in a towel.
    bullet Compression: Compression of an injured ankle, knee, or wrist may help reduce the swelling.    These include bandages such as crape bandage (elastic wraps), special boots, air casts and    splints.
    bullet Elevation: Keep the injured area elevated above the level of the heart. Use a pillow to help    elevate an injured limb.

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  • Doping in Sport

    Doping is use of Prohibited substance or use of prohibited method (listed by WADA) by an athletes to enhance sports performance . WADA-World Anti Doping Agency

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