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  • Nutrition is the science of food and how the body uses it in health and disease. Do you know in your life time, you will spend about 6 years of eating about 70,000 meals and 60 tons of food. What you eat affect your energy level, well-being and over all health. Today lot of concern about connection between life time nutritional habits and risk of heart diseases, diabetes ,cancer , and stroke. So food choices you make will significantly influence your health both now and in the future.

  • Main classes of essential nutrient

    icon Carbohydrates
    icon Proteins
    icon Fat
    icon Vitamins
    icon Minerals
    icon Water

  • Food pyramid

    Healthy Eating Pyramid

    Healthy Eating Pyramid

  • Nutrient Values of Common Fruits

  • Dietary Guidelines For You

    icon Consume a verity of nutrient –dense foods within and among the basic food groups, while    staying within energy needs.
    icon Control calorie intake to manage body weight.
    icon Increase daily intake of fruits, Vegetables, whole grains and Fat-Free or low fat milk products.
    icon Choose carbohydrate food wisely ,limit intake of added sugars.
    icon Choose fat wisely for good health ,limit intake of saturated and trans fats.
    icon Choose and prepare foods with little salt ,sugar and chilies.
    icon Keep foods safe to eat.

  • Eating Guidelines for you

    General Guidelines

    icon Eat slowly and enjoy your food.
    icon Eat a colorful, verity diet. The more colorful your diet is ,the more variety and rich in fruit and    vegetables.
    icon Consider nutrient density in your food choices, and avoid large servings of foods that provide    calories.
    icon Check out labels ,and ingredient list of foods you commonly eat.
    icon Choose healthy snacks, fruits ,vegetables, grains and cereals.
    icon Drink water more often than soft drinks.

  • Eating from Hotels, Restaurants

    icon Choose meal according to your age and health.
    icon Choose whole grains.
    icon Choose fish, leaves poultry or bean dishes, rather thing high fat meal and fries entrees.
    icon Eat plain rice not the fried rice.
    icon Eat more salads, lock up with leafy greens ,beans and fresh vegetables.
    icon Drink non fat milk , water ,mineral water or fresh fruit juices rather than soft drinks or sweet    drinks.
    icon Choose fruits for desserts rather than pastries, cookies or cakes.

  • Eating in Fast Food Restaurants

    icon Before ordering meals read brochure with a nutritional breakdown of the food on the menu. Ask    for healthiest options.
    icon Order small single burgers with less cheese.
    icon Choose whole grain buns or bread for burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches.
    icon Choose chicken items made from chicken breast not processed chicken.
    icon Avoid French fries or order smaller portion of French fries when you eat.
    icon Order vegetable pizzas instead of meat pizzas.
    icon Avoid high salt and sugar meals.